Ride with Respect's rehabilitation efforts focus on popular points of interest where unmanaged recreation has compromised their scenic value. Typically, we designate an appropriately-sized parking area, and short walking trail to the arch, pinnacle, viewpoint, etc. In completion, we post a sign explaining the development and any interpretive information. So far, we have restored the areas surrounding Secret Spire, Tusher Tunnel, and an overlook of the Dome Plateau. In all cases, we preserve traditional access while restoring the surroundings. In May of 2005 we completed restoration around Uranium Arch.

Ten miles northwest of Moab, the Uranium Arch site posed a challenge due to its popularity and multiple approaches. First, the Red Rock Fourwheelers club painted the slickrock routes leading to the arch. Then Ride with Respect stepped in, blocking off duplicate trails from further expansion, and tilling the impacted soils. To redirect travel, we used unobtrusive rope fencing in addition to natural materials. A gap in one of the fences allows visitors to walk underneath the arch. Finally, we installed a small sign with info about arch formation, mining history, and tips for treading lightly.